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That would be too broad of a title for this. Calling it “manscaping” seems overkill, even though that’s precisely what it is. It’s too old. These ideas are too condescending for modern men who have moved past the idea that making minor changes to a) look better and b) smell better is in any way weakening. 

A study released in 2017 in the journal JAMA Dermatology found that about 67% of men have tried to groom themselves “down there” in some way. You’re going to be by yourself soon, mate, if you still think shaving your pubes is rude.

We want to eliminate body hair but don’t always do it right. We chose the pros because a scratch on your nutsack is more concerning than one on your chin.

As a guy manscaping, you should take care of your body from head to balls.



One thing that makes a man’s face stand out is his eyebrows. They stop water, sweat, and other things from entering your eyes and down your face. Another important thing is that they let you show anger, sadness, and surprise (unless you have too much Botox).

But your brows should not say certain things. I like that Rylan Clark gives you fashion tips.

Chris Beastall, author of the grooming manscaping blog Ape To Gentleman, says, “The goal is to keep a masculine look while taking some weight off the eyebrows by getting rid of any straggly hairs.” “When properly groomed, the result is a neater, younger look.”

To clean up your brows, Beastall says you should get them trimmed. Use a beard comb to go through your eyebrows and comb the hairs up.”This will show any long hair that isn’t in place,” he says. “These can be cut to size with scissors with blunt ends.” Some guys select a nose and ear hair remover, which is fine, but I don’t think it works either.

For any lone guards, use tweezers to pluck. Beastall says to do this after a shower when your pores are open and the steam softens your hair briefly. “Comb your eyebrows up and use good tweezers to grab any hairs too long. Then, gently but firmly pull them out of your brow,” he advises.

The monobrow effect is less likely in guys using this method. “But be careful not to “eat” into your brows; if you do, it could make your nose look bigger.”



Ear hair growth is a normal part of getting older, like having a hangover for three days or forgetting your kids’ names. People with extra hair-growing skills may start seeing hair coming out of their ears as early as their 20s. This is most likely to happen to men in their 40s and 50s.

Beastall says, “I find that tweezers work best for the outside of the ear.” “Use a good pair of blunt-end tweezers to pluck out any longer hairs that you don’t like.” When you tweeze instead of scissors or an electric trimmer, you can get rid of ugly hairs more precisely, and you also get rid of them at the root, so they’ll take longer to grow back.

But you should use scissors made just for cutting facial hair to remove hair that sticks inside your ears. Beastall says cutting with these is safe because they are blunt and won’t cut any skin. “Position the tips of the blades just inside the ear and carefully cut any hair you can see. Tilt your head up and use a magnifying mirror for better visibility and a side-on view of the ear.”

On the other hand, you could go to a Turkish hair shop and have them burned off.



A certain amount of nose hair is good for you because it filters out the bad stuff, like an air filter in your home. This keeps germs from getting into your wet nose and making you sick.

But it’s not a bad idea to keep people in line. Nose hairs that are easy to see don’t do much besides making people feel gross and stopping you from getting laid. Cut them, but don’t pick them. If you pluck them, you might draw out tiny amounts of blood, which can cause an infection. That will not help you get laid at all.

The power trimmer is another choice. “The shape makes them easy to reach, and they’re gentle on the sensitive areas around the nose and ears, so it’s easy to trim away extra hair,” says Beastall. “But I’ve never found them to be as accurate as scissors. That’s mostly because they’re so big that it’s hard to see what’s going on when digging in the dark.”



Keep at least some of your chest hair if you’re not a Chippendale, a porn star from the early 2000s, a professional bodybuilder, or a mix of those things.

Diana Schmidtke is a men’s manscaping grooming expert who has worked with Chris Hemsworth, George Clooney, and Jon Hamm. She says you should shave off your chest hair if you swim, ride a bike, or do any other sport. But if you’re not one of those things, she says, “hair in this area should be trimmed, not completely removed.”

Schmidtke says that to keep your pets in check, you should get a good electric trimmer like Philips’ BodyGroom and use it as needed. “With a guard, these tools leave a little hair behind when you only want to trim, not get rid of all of it.”

You can pick which guard to use and keep how much hair. But remember that, just like with your beard, you should keep an eye on your progress as you go. It would help if you changed the trimmer’s guards based on how your hair grows and your desired finish.



Get it off of you. We can’t back up this claim with fancy poll data, but we can back it up with personal experience. Have you ever met someone who likes their hair pulled back? Our case is over.

If your partner isn’t very interested or a friend is bored, getting a wax at a spa is best. The hair will not grow back quickly at home if you don’t have time or money to go to a hairdresser.

It looks pretty smooth when you trim on the lowest setting. Schmidtke says, “The ManGroomer do-it-yourself shaver is a great choice because it has an arm extension that helps you reach your whole back.” “The blade is also very soft, so when you press down on it, you won’t cut yourself.”

The ManGroomer won’t give you a baby’s bottom-smooth finish if you use a wet razor or a back shaver. But it also won’t make you twist and turn like an escape artist in front of the bathroom mirror, either.

A hair removal cream like Nad’s, made just for guys, is what Chris Beastall suggests if you want a smoother, faster way. Again, you’ll need someone special to help you spread the cream on your back for the best effects. Could you put it on and wait 5 to 10 minutes? Then wash it off. “The hair and the cream will both wash off.”

Still, these equally funny and truly frightening Veet product reviews show that you should only use it in public places.


Everyone wants to smell and look better. Cutting off a little of your armpit hair occasionally is fine, but don’t go all the way. That would be weird.

Beastall says, “Even the cleanest men can have hair under their arms, and the trend seems to be to keep it short, not completely shaven.” “Get a body groomer, move the length gauge up a few levels (but not below #2), and cut the hair slightly shorter.” People in your bed, at work, and on the train will thank you.


It is only for people with thick hair who like to know a lot about things. Schmidtke says to keep the look realistic using a cutter with the #1 or #2 guard set.


Prepare yourself. We are going inside…


Not many real scientific studies have looked into the link between having a clean crotch bush and pulling more, but as we said in the last survey, our informal findings suggest that you need to trim it to win it.

A body shaver works best for the bush and the tops of your legs. Schmidtke says, “These tools have special guards that help keep you from getting nicks and cuts and follow the body’s curves.” “When you shave, pulling the skin tight is important.”


Could you not cut them? Applying any kind of electricity to your gonads will make things worse. (We might or might not have learned that the hard way.)

Use an excellent, wet razor to shave your balls instead. Use shaving cream and long, slow strokes (not that kind) so your bathroom doesn’t look like a bomb went off. Also, make sure to clean the blades of hair a lot.


Cutting hair off the base of your penis does make it look bigger, even though it sounds like a little lad mag.

To give your balls a quick, fake extra inch or so, do the same things shown above. Be careful not to cut too deep into the bush.



Down here, you can do different things. To get a cleaner look, you can get a body groomer on a low setting and trim very carefully with the guard on. You can also get a wax from a professional.

You could use a wet razor to shave this area, just like jumping off the 10th floor of a building. Could you not do it? Leave it to the pros if you want a hair-free crack.

Please don’t do it yourself, and get ready to wince. After a few months, let it grow back together. From then on, could you leave it to the pros again? Something like that might be too much for a behind as smooth as Barry White’s voice. You might want to try light instead.

Schmidtke says that guys who want to get rid of all their body hair can wax, but it hurts, only works for two to three months, and the hair grows back. Lasers, on the other hand, get better with use. “Does it hurt?” Yes. However, it does work. After just a few sessions, your hair will be gone for good.

We wish you more heat, fewer hairs, and a better smell.

Muhammad Shoaib
Muhammad Shoaib
Muhammad Shoaib is a seasoned fashion expert with a particular interest in streetwear, accessories, and luxury leather goods. He splits his time between NYC, Paris, and Pakistan, constantly on the hunt for today’s latest trends

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