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You should always have the best rizz lines if you want to learn to talk nice. These clever sayings will get you good conversation and your crush’s heart. Some are corny, some spicy, and some plain dirty. They are all meant to keep your love interest hot and keep them coming back for more.

The word “rizz” was named 2023’s Word of the Year by Oxford Dictionary, which piqued my attention. To find the best pickup lines, I spent weeks scrolling through TikTok and learning from the pickup lines masters, aka teenagers in the twenty-first century. After watching thousands of videos and reading even more comments, I’ve compiled this list of the 45 best Rizz lines for guys.

You can use these pickup lines in person, on Tinder, or over text. They will help you make an excellent first impression or, even better, get a first date.


There are a lot of different styles of good rizz lines. RIZZ lines get more attention than any joke, whether simple pick-up lines or intelligent sayings. I looked all over the internet and talked to friends in real life to come up with this list of the 41 best Rizz pickup lines to use on potential dates. My personal favorite is “I see you like vodka…” That means you’ll give me a chance. 

Read on to find out what the best choices are.



1. What’s your name? Since I’ve never seen a girl like you before.

2. It looks like my phone is broken… Could you make the call?

3. Your last name is the only thing I’d change about you if I could.

4. Do you know how the past is different from you? Yesterday is over, and tomorrow is you.

5. Knock, knock. Who’s there? When and where. Who, where, when? Tonight, you and I are going to my place.

6. Every rizz line is taken, but are you?

7. Math is tricky to understand since it always talks about X and Y but never U and I.

8. Math is elementary. Add the bed, remove the clothes, and hope you don’t multiply.

9. I’ve heard that the speed of love is the only thing faster than light.

10. What color are you? Because you make me look at you.



11. Do you have a bank loan? Because I’m interested in you.

12. “I am a pen, and you are a highlighter. You make the future brighter, and I write it.”

13. I’ll be on your left because you’re always right.

14. Is your name WiFi? Because I’m feeling a connection.

15. Are you Google? Because you have everything I’ve been looking for.

16. Is geometry your specialty? Because no matter how you turn, you look stunning.

17. It’s clear that you are the hottest thing in the world, even though people say the sun is.

18. Are you the sun? Since you’re too hot to handle.

19. Do you use Sharpies? Because I can never forget you.

20. Can you do magic? Because I forget about everything else when I look at you.



21. It’s better to fall in love with me than to fall from the sky or a tree.

22. Do your eyes look empty? I could get lost in them for a long time.

23. My folks told me to follow my dreams, so I did.

24. Are you money? I need you more than anything else.

25. You look great. I forgot my rizz lines.

26. Are you my phone? I can’t take my eyes off of you.

27. I no longer need Google because the search was over as soon as I saw you.

28. I see you like spirit… Are you going to give me a chance?

29. Is it Christmas morning? Because a year has passed since I last saw you.

30. Can you do math? Because you don’t have to ask Y to change my X.



31. We’re not pants, but we make a great pair.

32. I don’t have Netflix, but we can make movies.

33. Are you a ski pass? I’d tap that all day.

34. Are you a scientist? Because I want to do you on a table every so often.

35. The sun is hot, and roses are red. Use my face as a seat if your legs get tired.

36. You must be magnetic because my zipper is giving way to you.

37. Did we go to the same school? I’m sure we got along.

38. I guess I should call the police because you Stole my heart.

39. Are you the piano my parents have? I’m not going to play you ever.

40. What a beautiful thing your mom made! She must be an artist.

41. Are you chicken fingers and fries? Because I will always pick you, no matter what else I can do.

42. Does NASA employ you? Your stunning good looks are just extraordinary.

43. Are you Nemo? Because I wanted to find you.

44. You just made me lose my breath, so I hope you know CPR.

45. Are you bright? Because you make me happy all the time.




I know a lot about how to make a good impression on a potential love interest as the Fashionnovaza dating expert. Along with giving dating advice, I’ve spent much time studying modern romance, talking to experts, and even trying out the best rizz for men to ensure you have the complete information possible.


You can start a talk with the usual “get to know you” questions (questions to ask a guy and a girl), but the best Rizz lines will likely get you further. You’ll get your foot in the door if you use the jokes on this list as your unique starter.


What does rizz mean?

In simple terms, rizz is short for charm, and rizz lines are like pick-up lines for Gen Z. The slang word “rizz” has quickly become famous on social media sites like TikTok.

Which Rizz lines are good?

A good frizz line will make you stand out from all the other suitors more than any questions for a new girl. “I heard nothing is faster than the speed of light except how fast I fell in love with you” and “If I could change one thing about you, it would be your last name” are two great choices. The complete list of options is above.

Muhammad Shoaib
Muhammad Shoaib
Muhammad Shoaib is a seasoned fashion expert with a particular interest in streetwear, accessories, and luxury leather goods. He splits his time between NYC, Paris, and Pakistan, constantly on the hunt for today’s latest trends

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