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Statement of Privacy for

Fashionnovaaza. And its subsidiaries (“Fashionnovaaza”) know how important privacy is. They are dedicated to protecting the privacy of personal Information gathered on its websites and mobile apps (the “Site” and the “App”), as well as in person when required by law. Together with Fashionnovaaza’s Commitment to Privacy, this Privacy Statement tells you what Personal Information Fashionnova Aza gathers and how it will use that Personal Information. You agree to follow the rules in this Privacy Statement when you give Personal Information to Fashionnovaaza.

The Fashionnovaaza Job Applicant Privacy Notice tells you how Fashion will use the Personal Information you give them through its Career Center if you apply for a job through one of its brands’ websites.

Information About You Fashion Nova Aza Collects: “Personal Information” is any information that can be used to find out who you are. This list of Personal Information:

  • Name:
  • job title and business name;
  • postal address, which should include both the billing and sending addresses;
  • Number of the phone or fax machine; 
  • Email address;
  • Number of credit and debit cards;
  • Tax ID numbers for vendors;
  • ID numbers issued by the government, like Social Security numbers;
  • When you use a credit or debit card to buy something, your Financial Information is shared;
  • History of purchases;
  • Date of birth: 
  • Banking information, like account and transfer numbers, Passwords, and questions and answers to help you remember them.

Fashionnovaaza collects Personal Information from you when you take part in different chances we offer, such as

  • If you become a member of one of Fashionnova Aza Brands’ websites for any reason,
  • When you sign up for newsletters, forums, or other forms of contact on one of Fashionnova Aza 
  • Brands’ websites, Twitter, or any other social media or web app,
  • When you use the Site, social media, or any other web app to order a good or service;

When you ask for something When you pay for something on the Site,

  • In the event that you enter a contest, giveaway, poll, or other promotion;
  • In the event that you post on a blog or forum, write an article or review,
  •  And When we do study on the market or meet you at a party or other event.

Fashionnovaaza needs to take Personal Information from you in order to give you the services and features you’ve asked for. We might not be able to provide the services and features of the Site if you do not give us the Information we ask for. Suppose you give us or our service providers any Personal Information about other people while using the Site. In that case, you promise that you are allowed to do so and that we can use the Information in a way that is consistent with this Privacy Statement.

We may mix the personal Information we get from you with Information you give us in other ways, like when you register for a product, ask a question, or come to a marketing event. As long as the Personal Information is added together, we will use it in line with this Privacy Statement.

How We Make Use Of Private Data

Personal Information is used for business reasons by Fashionnovaaza and our service partners, such as to

  • Respond to and carry out your requests and questions.

Talk to you about our services and give you customer service connected to them.

  • Please provide you with service-related announcements, changes to Fashionnovaaza Brands’ policies and terms, or other administrative details.
  • Facilitates communication and interaction with other Site users via many means, including but not limited to a profile, blog, message board, messaging system, chat room, and social media. With this tool, Fashionnovaaza Brands will be able to verify that you are authorized to use and share your friend’s name, email address, and social network account Information.
  • For the purposes of managing our contract with you or meeting a legal requirement, we will do these things.
  • Send you text messages, email alerts, and other written or electronic notes.
  • For the purposes of managing our contract with you or meeting a legal requirement, we will do these things.

Show you goods and deals that are specifically made for you to make your experience more unique.

  • So we can get to know you better and make our interactions with you more personal.

Send you marketing materials that we think you might be interested in, such as articles, Information, and notices of future events.

  • This is something we will do if you permit us or if we have a good reason to.
  • Let people sign up for things like newsletters, tech groups, and more.

Allow you to enter sweepstakes, games, and other similar promotions, as well as run these events. There may be extra rules for some of these actions that explain how we use and share your Personal Information. Please read these rules carefully, as they contain important Information.

Allow you to sign up for and take part in groups and other Fashionnovaaza Brands events.

This is how we will use your Personal Information to carry out our deal with you or with your permission.

  • Reach the business goals of Fashionnovaaza and its Strategic Partners.
  • For audits, data analysis, study and development of new products, making Fashionnovaaza’s website better, making Fashionnovaaza’s services better, planning marketing events, and finding usage trends.
  • Giving our Strategic Partners information about you so that they can give you goods and services that are just right for you.
  • For the purposes of managing our deal with you, following the law, finding out how well our marketing efforts are working, or just because we have a good reason to, we will do these things.

We may also use Personal Information when we think it’s necessary or right to:

  1. Follow the law, even if it’s not the law in your home country.
  2. Follow the law.
  3. Respond to requests from public and government authorities, even if they’re not in your home country.
  4. Enforce the terms and conditions of the Fashionnoivaaza Brands.
  5. Protect Fashionnovaaza’s operations.
  6. Protect Multiply’s rights, including the right to privacy.
  • How Private Information is shared
  • This is what could happen to your Personal Information:
  • Within Solid Ventures Brands for the reasons set out in this Privacy Statement.
  • Solid Ventures and the company you are talking to are both in charge of managing the Personal Information that they use together.
  • From Solid Ventures to outside service providers.

These third parties help them offer services by hosting websites, analyzing data, processing payments, fulfilling orders, distributing goods, setting up infrastructure, providing IT services, helping customers, processing credit cards, handling emails, conducting audits, and other similar tasks.

  • To outside groups, like brokers and distributors, to make it easier for Solid Ventures’ services to be sold and given out, which could include marketing communications.
  • To outside groups that run sweepstakes, games, and other similar events.
  • To let people you send texts to through the Site find out who you are.
  • That Information will be given to a third party if all or any part of Solid Ventures’ business, assets, or stock is sold, assigned, transferred, or reorganized, including in bankruptcy or other similar processes.
  • By you, when you use features on a Solid Ventures website or app that let you connect with Solid Ventures and other people (like a blog, message board, messaging software, chat software, profile, or other social media).

Any personal information you choose to provide through these services, such as your location, email address, and name, could potentially be seen by anybody. In particular, you shouldn’t submit sensitive Personal Information (such as medical records or financial details) using these tools because we can’t control the content you send using them. Usage of these services may cause your Personal Information to remain on the Site even after you terminate your usage of them.

To the extent that we believe is required or appropriate: (a) by law, regardless of whether it is applicable in your home country or not; (b) to comply with legal requirements; (c) to enforce the terms and conditions of Solid Ventures; (d) to safeguard the operations of Solid Ventures; (f) to protect the rights, privacy, safety, or property of Solid Ventures, you, or any third party:


Some other information We Gather

The term “Other Information” refers to any information that does not directly or indirectly identify you as a person. It’s anonymous info called “Other Information.”

This is some other information:

  • Cookies, pixel tags, and other technologies collect Information from your browser. 
  • You also give us demographic Information and other Information.
  • Data that has been gathered;
  • Place of residence.

How we get other kinds of data

Other Information may be gathered by Solid Ventures and its third-party service partners in a number of ways, such as:

  • Through your web browser or on your phone.

Your Media Access Control (MAC) address, computer type, screen resolution, operating system version, device maker and model, and Internet browser type and version are some of the things that most browsers and devices know about you.

Our service providers and we may collect Information about how you use our apps, like where you are, when and how the apps on your device connect to our computers, and what files and Information have been downloaded to those apps based on your device number.

  • Because you use an app, a connected gadget, or a vehicle, even an uncrewed aerial vehicle.

Satellites, cell phone towers, Wi-Fi signals, and other technologies take note of where your device is and the date and time that go with it. We may use the location of your device to give you personalized Information and services that are based on your location. You might be able to choose whether to let these companies use and share your device’s location, but if you do, we or our partners might not be able to give you the targeted services and content that you need.

  • Coming from you.

When you willingly give this Information, it is used to collect Information like your location as well as other Information like your preferred way of communicating. This Information doesn’t find out who you or any other Site or App user is unless it is combined with Personal Information.

  • By putting together facts.

The aggregated personal Information cannot identify you or any other user of the Site or App. In this case, we might use Personal Information to figure out what percentage of Solid Ventures customers have a certain phone area code or use an Android or iOS device.

Please read the Cookie Policy for each Solid Ventures Brand to find out how we and our service providers use cookies and other tracking technologies, such as to show you ads based on your interests.

How We Share Other Data and How We Use It

Other Information doesn’t give us access to your personal Information so that we can use and share it for any reason. The law says that if we have to treat Other Information as Personal Information, we do so in the same ways that we use and share Personal Information, which is explained in this Privacy Statement.

Sometimes, we mix Other Information with Personal Information. For example, your name and where you live may be combined. Suppose we combine any Other Information with Personal Information, like when we use the Information you give us when you sign up for an account with Other Information to send you more relevant and personalized ads. In that case, Fashionnovaaza will treat that Information as Personal Information.


An “IP Address” is a number that your Internet Service Provider (“ISP”) gives to the computer you are using.

How We Gather IP Addresses

Solid Ventures instantly records a user’s IP address, along with the date and time of their visit and the pages they browsed, in their server log files every time they visit the Site. How much data your computer browser sends is based on how it is set up. Please read the help file for your browser to find out what data it sends. Getting IP addresses is normal on the Internet, and a lot of websites DO it immediately.

How Solid Ventures Shares and Uses IP Addresses

Solid Ventures uses IP addresses to do things like figure out how much the Site is being used, help figure out what’s wrong with the servers, run the Site, and show you Information that is relevant to your country. We use this kind of data to see which Site pages you visit, what Site you were on before you came to the Site, and where you go after leaving the Site. After that, we can make data that show us how people use the Site and help us make it better.

For the same reasons we use and share Personal Information, we may also use and share IP addresses. Please keep in mind that IP addresses, server log files, and other Information like them are considered “Other Information” by us unless the law says otherwise.


We are not responsible for the privacy, Information, or other practices of any third parties. This includes how our strategic partners use Personal Information and Other Information, as well as the privacy practices of any third party that runs a website that the Site or the App links to. Putting a link on the Site or the App doesn’t mean that Fashionnovaaza supports the Site that it is linked to. When you give Personal Information to other companies through the Site or the Apps, we are not responsible for how they collect, use, share, or protect that Information. This includes any policies or practices that apply to app developers, app providers, social media platform providers, operating system providers, wireless service providers, or device manufacturers. This Privacy Statement only covers Information gathered on this Site. It does not cover Information gathered on sites that are related to this Site. It’s important to know when you leave this Site and read the privacy policies of every Site you visit that asks for your sensitive Information.


At the moment, Fashionnovaaza does not listen to or follow browser “do-not-track” signals



Cookies, pixel tags, web beacons, clear GIFs, and other technologies are used by Fashionnovaaza, its Strategic Partners, and third-party service providers to monitor the behavior of Site users and email recipients on non-affiliated websites over time. For a more tailored experience, this allows Fashionnovaaza to display adverts on the Site that are more relevant to you. For example, depending on your previous online activities, we employ third-party service providers to display more relevant goods and deals.

To learn more about how Fashionnovaaza and our partners use tracking technology like cookies—for example, to display advertising that is relevant to your interests—please review the Cookie Policy for each of our brands.


When you visit a Fashionnovaaza Site, ads may be shown by a company other than Fashionnovaaza. Please keep in mind that these companies may use Information about your visit to this Site to show you ads for things and services that you might be interested in. As part of showing ads on this Site, these businesses may put or recognize a unique cookie on your computer. Visit to learn more about this practice and find out what you can do to make sure these companies don’t use your Information in this way.


To keep Personal Information under Fashionnovaaza’s control safe, the company takes sensible organizational, technical, and administrative steps. There is no way to know for sure that sending or storing data over the Internet or any other method is 100% safe. If you think or have reason to think that your interaction with Fashionnova is no longer safe, please let us know right away by any of the methods listed below in the part called “Contacting Fashionnova Aza.”


What you can do about how Fashionnovaaza uses and shares your Personal Information:

You have a lot of options when it comes to how Fashionnovaaza can use and share your Personal Information for marketing reasons. Simply by clicking the “Manage Your Preferences” link, you can request that we not share your Personal Information with third parties that are not affiliated with us for marketing reasons and opt out of receiving future marketing communications.

We promise to respond to your request(s) in a timely manner, within reason. Be aware that Fashionnovaaza may nevertheless send you necessary administrative messages regardless of your preference not to receive marketing messages. Receiving administrative mail is something you cannot opt out of.

How to get to your Personal Information, change it, or hide it.

You can ask to see, change, suppress, or delete the Personal Information that you have already given to Fashionnovaaza. Alternatively, you can object to, restrict, or otherwise limit how Fashionnovaaza uses your Personal Information. You can also ask to receive an electronic copy of your Personal Information so that you can send it to another company (if the law gives you this right to data portability). By contacting us at the

Make it clear in your request what information you want to change or whether you want your Personal Information to be removed from a Fashionnovaaza database. It would help if you also let Fashionnovaaza know how you would like them to use your Personal Information in other ways. We will try to do what you ask as soon as it is reasonably possible to do so.


We will only keep your Personal Information for as long as it takes to do the things listed in this Privacy Statement unless the law requires or lets us keep it for a longer time.

The factors we use to decide how long to keep information include:

How long we have been working with you and giving you the services you’ve asked for;

Are we legally required to do something (for example, some laws say we have to keep records of your activities for a certain amount of time before we can delete them), or

Whether or not we should keep the documents based on our current legal situation (for example, when it comes to statutes of limitations, lawsuits, or government probes).


We ask that you do not send or share any sensitive Personal Information with Fashionnovaaza or the Fashion Nova Aza Brands. This includes but is not limited to information about your health, criminal record, political views, religion or other beliefs, racial or ethnic origin, or membership in a trade union. You can do this on or through the Site or App or in any other way.


We could make changes to this Statement of Privacy. To view the most recent revision to this Privacy Statement, please refer to the “LAST UPDATED” icon located at the top of this page. Any modifications to this Privacy Statement will be effective upon posting of the revised Statement on the Site or App. Your continued use of the Site or App following these modifications constitutes your acceptance of the revised Privacy Statement.

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Fashionnovaaza can be reached at

Please call us at +0923318686415 (toll-free) if you have any questions about this Privacy Statement.


Anyone residing in the European Economic Area (EEA) who suspects a violation of data protection laws can complain to either their national or regional data protection authority. Data security agencies can be found on the European Commission Website.