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Best Harvey Specter Quotes for Suit Season. Corporate attorney Harvey Specter has evolved from Diet Don Draper to a legitimate TV life coach throughout the six seasons that Suits has been strutting across our screens. While he may be a little conceited, he is highly well-fit, enjoys victory, and has a brilliant one-liner that sets him apart from most other fictional characters in movies and television.

We’re celebrating the return of the well-dressed quipster in Suits season 7 with a selection of our favorite Harvey Specter quotes:

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1. “Break the goddamn thing down when you’re backed against the wall.”

2. “The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work.”

3. “When the other side plays the game, winners don’t make excuses.”

4. “I apologize; the sound of my awesomeness is drowning out your voice.”

Have you ever been so in love that you would sacrifice everything for someone? Yes, then go ahead and do whatever the heck you want with that person.

6. “People clear the path for me; I don’t pave the way for them.”

7. “I’m about winning, not about caring.”

8. “I oppose feeling emotions, not utilizing them.”

9. “My game is to play the man, not the odds.”

10. “That’s how I’m different from you. I want to win large; you want to lose little.” 



11. “My goals are what I have, not dreams.”

12. “I could kick your ass while drinking a juice box.”

13. “I want to know who Daddy is; I don’t care about great things.”

14. “The good guys sometimes have to do the bad guys’ dirty work to make them pay.”

15. “If something is true, it’s not bragging.”

16. “I think we’re done unless you want to make me breakfast tomorrow.”

17. “A puppy is not supposed to clean up its mess.”

18. “I don’t give a shit about any of those.”

19. “Achieve the goal of not having to introduce yourself.”

20. “I’m going to make it happen so that it will happen.” 



21. “I enjoy grinning at those who dislike me.”

22. “Strengthen your argument instead of raising your voice.”

23. “You wish to make a change in your life? Modify your thought process.

24. “The 3% who never gave up are employed by the 97% of people who gave up.”

25. “Kill them successfully. Grate them while grinning.

26. “Goals so big you feel awkward sharing them with narrow-minded people.”

27. “Rewrite the rules to win in a no-win situation.”

28. “Allow them to hate.” Just make sure your name is spelled correctly.

29. “The next time you have to make a decision that could change your life, ask yourself, ‘What would Harvey do?'”

30. “I triumph. I work in that capacity.



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