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Every man enjoys going to the barber. Alright, the majority of men. Bald Guys and those who have tonsurephobia—a fear of receiving a haircut—are presumably the exceptions. As you can see, you learn things here. For all others, nothing makes you feel better than a new haircut, but regrettably, many of us are forced to let go of our weekly habits due to our difficult financial situation.

Yes, chances are a weekly £30 touch-up is over budget unless you’re an oligarch or a Premier League player. However, purchasing a pair of hair clippers can allow you to keep your hair in control—especially if you have short hair—without ever leaving the house or needing to wear pants.

For men who are getting older and have decided to shave their heads like Statham, invest in a high-quality pair of clippers to avoid paying a fee at a barbershop.

Although cutting your mop might seem intimidating, so is learning to drive or fill out a tax form for the first time. Also, when learning to operate a pair of clippers, you’re much less likely to start a ten-vehicle pile-up on the M1.

However, selecting a new pair of wheels can be just as confusing as purchasing a set of clippers.

As a first-time buyer, you will undoubtedly have many questions, such as: Do I need that small lever on the side, and what does it do? What justification could there be for this to cost £150? What on earth is a universal rotary motor?

Don’t worry; relax, and we’ll teach you the fundamentals and show you how to use barber-quality clippers for a chic at-home buzz cut





It just boils down to personal preference for cordless or mains-powered clippers. Cordless hair trimmers are unquestionably the finest option if you travel frequently and need to cut your hair while on the road.

However, it’s worthwhile to consider a mains-powered version if you require maximum power and anticipate using your clippers for extended periods. 


Most hair clippers’ cutting blades are composed of stainless steel, which is perfectly acceptable for everyday use. Many professional barbers use ceramic blades since they don’t heat up as quickly during longer cuts. However, this shouldn’t be a problem if you only want to trim your hair once a week and don’t have thick, wiry hair all over your body.


You’ll need some guards (some refer to them as combs) to change the length of your cuts unless you’re going for that tennis ball feel when the ball is the same length. Fortunately, a set of clippers is supplied with most of them.

Senior barber Joe Pomper of Murdock Covent Garden says, “[Guards] work as an attachment for clippers that you fix on top of the cutters to achieve different lengths on a designated area of hair.”

Each number on these clip-on combs corresponds to a distinct cutting length. The numbers with the lowest values will leave the tiniest hair, and the numbers with the highest numbers will be the most. Cutting lengths typically vary from 0.5 mm to 25 mm, or roughly a grade 0 to a grade 8.

“Ensure that the combs have a fastening mechanism to prevent them from coming loose,” advises Joe Mills, the creator of Joe & Co., a barbershop. “When trimming, the last thing you want is for the comb to come loose and leave a beautiful bald line in your hair.”

Pomper continues, “You can achieve a more complex fade by grading the clipper grading to create a natural-looking graduation rising from the neck. Alternatively, you can use clippers at a set measurement (i.e., a single grade) to achieve a sharp overall look.”


There are hair clippers with a lever next to the cutting blades, but not all have. You may now adjust the length much further, thanks to this.

According to Mills, it lets you go from a zero to a half, making fade haircuts and keeping it from snagging on the skin while trimming sensitive places.

It also implies that you can complete the process without constantly switching out the guards if you don’t want a significant variance in the overall length of your hair.


Now that you have a better idea of what you want to seek in a hair clipper let’s look at what you should be budgeting for your desired features.

According to Chris Beastall, the creator of the grooming blog Ape To Gentleman, “You should always take into consideration what their use is going to be” when shopping for clippers. For instance, you should generally budget between $35 and $65 if you plan to use them only for personal use at home — one grade in total. This will comprise the clippers, cleaning brush, clipper oil, and clipper guards numbered one through four.

Mid-range models serve as both man capers and beard trimmers, while high-end models cost up to $200, contingent on manufacturing quality and several accessories included. That’s a relatively wide range, so to help narrow it down, here are the three main price points and what to anticipate from each.

$10 – $30

Conventionally, mains-powered clippers with magnetic motors are the most economical option. It makes sense that clippers priced around $10 won’t be the strongest or most long-lasting, but as you approach $25, you’ll find some good models with features and attachments like adjustable taper levers and increased cutting power. 

$30 – $100

You’ll start to see more rechargeable cordless alternatives, better-quality attachments, Lithium-ion batteries, lightweight construction, and other premium features in this mid-range price range. This is where you should be searching if you’re seeking something that won’t break the bank but won’t let you down after a few cuts. 


Would you like to play with the older boys then? If you’re willing to spend a lot of money, you’ll be rewarded with multi-speed rotary motors, changeable blades, break-resistant housing, and an abundant vintage appearance.

To be honest, purchasing something at this level if you’re not a professional barber is perhaps a little excessive, but if you have the money, why not? 




Based in Illinois Since the early 1900s, Wahl has been at the forefront of men’s preening technology. The firm invented the vacuum trimmer, which sucks up any hair it shaves off, saving countless marriages worldwide. It was also the first to patent the first electromagnetic hair clipper.

Most people agree that Wahl’s clippers are the greatest available. Simply glance around the next time you’re at a barbershop; they’ll likely be utilizing Wahl equipment. Professionals have long praised the company’s “Super Taper” clippers as the industry standard and with good reason.



Although Wahl hair clippers are the most often used brand among barbers, Philips is unquestionably setting the standard for amateur use at home. The Dutch electronic goods giant is well-known for everything from TVs to toasters, but it also makes some of the best grooming products available.

The company is renowned for its cutting-edge technology and inventive designs; it is credited with popularizing spinning cutting heads and laser-guided trimmers. Therefore, Philips provides everything you need if you’re looking for cutting-edge technology that will make DIY haircuts as simple as possible.



Although BaByliss’s clippers are inexpensive, they don’t skimp on functionality. The Parisian haircare company has been helping people maintain their hairstyles for less money since 1961. It offers all the newest grooming technology at a significantly lower cost than many of its rivals.

The ability to operate many of the brand’s clippers cordlessly and with a mains plug is an extra plus. This could be a good choice if you weren’t sure which sort to choose.



When choosing a pair of clippers, the German manufacturer Braun makes an intelligent decision because it has established itself as one of the top brands in grooming. You may anticipate features like waterproof housing, multi-length cutting attachments, and safety locks, all at budget-friendly costs, emphasizing high-tech, ergonomic features and reasonable rates.



Established in Wisconsin in 1924, Oster has grown from a small garage business to a global brand known for producing some of the best hair clippers money can buy. The business is renowned for being the first to release motor-driven hair clippers onto the market, forever altering the landscape of personal grooming.

Today, with their premium rotary motors and elegant heritage style, Oster clippers are a firm favourite among knowledgeable barbers.



It is impossible to consider grooming devices without considering Remington. Since Day Dot, the company has produced some of the most sturdy and dependable priming and preening products, and their hair clippers are no exception.

Remington provides everything you could want, whether looking for something that will cut your hair well and not break or something with every top-drawer feature you could ever conceive.



Andis is among the pioneers of the hair clipper, along with Wahl and Oster. Its originator, who arrived on the scene in 1921, progressed swiftly from door-to-door clipper sales to mass production.

These days, traditional barbershops still utilize Andis as a famous brand; many of them vouch for its clippers, which come with upscale features like ceramic blades and adjustable combs.



With your next fade cut, the Japanese electronics giant applies tremendous engineering prowess. Its trimmers are generally substantial, with enhanced blade speed for easy cutting. They range from hair-specific models to multipurpose beard and manscaping equipment.

Watch for attention-grabbing details that appeal to techies, including precision blades positioned at a 45-degree angle to cut through your emerging hairs.


The engine that powers your clippers through that unkempt mane and out the other side without them even sweating is a good motor. That is if you choose a decent one.

You should be aware of three primary types of motors when choosing one. They are listed in the following order:


If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll probably wind up with anything powered by one of these. However, that’s not always a bad thing. A magnetic motor can still function well even under light load conditions.

These motors move the blades side to side using an electromagnet and a spring. And even though they might not be the most vital choice, they are incredibly dependable due to the absence of moving components.


The pivot motor uses electromagnets like that of the magnetic motor. The spring is unnecessary because it employs two, the primary difference.

This produces a considerably higher cutting power at a slower cutting pace, which makes it simpler to use on damp hair. Professional hairdressers utilize pivot motors a lot because of this.


Rotating motors are the most powerful at the high end. Horse groomers, who have to cut a significant amount of hair without their clippers breaking down, favour them because of their high torque.

Since we’ll presume for this piece that you are neither a horse nor a groomer, you’ll be happy to hear that the rotary motor’s balanced speed and cutting power make it ideal for practically any trimming on both men and beasts. Be advised that such a degree of adaptability comes at a hefty price.



Unlike many modern electronics, hair clippers are made to last, especially the more expensive models. Products must be durable enough to endure the extended, professional use that barbers may give them. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore them.

You should discover a few accessories to keep your clippers looking like they came straight out of the barbershop in the box. While you trim, a tiny bottle of oil keeps the blades lubricated and keeps them from pulling at your hair. A small brush will remove hairs from in between the blades. You can also run a waterproof set beneath the tap if you purchased one.

After each use, remove stray hairs and give it a fuller cleaning once a month.

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