5 Plus-size Styling Tips to Feel Confident at Your Prom

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Prom is one night that every high school student waits for; the excitement is unmatchable.

But is it the same for every girl? Well, no! Arguably, for curvy women, the excitement is overshadowed by all the fashion challenges they face!

Are you tired of your disproportionate body weight, the repulsive body bulges, and the endless list of fashion troubles for curvy women?

If yes, enough of hiding behind the crowd. Now is your time to shine at your prom party with plus-size prom dresses!

Here, let us make plus-size dressing unapologetically the best with our expert tips:

1. Create the Illusion of a Longer Silhouette

For plus-sized women, an elongated silhouette can be a total game-changer. And here’s why: It makes bodyweight appear more distributed, helping you attain a more flattering look.

Here are some tips for you to create an illusion of a longer silhouette:

● Monochrome looks are not just a trend; they’re your savior! Creating a seamless silhouette helps draw attention vertically, giving you a taller appearance.

Here are two monochrome fit ideas you can give a try:

 Illusion of a Longer Silhouette

● The size of the prints on your prom dress matters a lot! Avoid wearing plus-size prom dresses with larger prints, as they can make you look bigger.

Opt for smaller, more delicate prints instead. When choosing prints, find vertical patterns, as they will help you appear slimmer.

2. Let Your Shapewear Do the Magic

If you want to embrace your curves instead of hiding them away, shapewear can do wonders for you! It helps you attain a slimmer appearance by contouring the fat of your body regions, such as your belly, thighs, and hips.

Shapewear Do the Magic

If you want a shapewear with an ideal fit, here are two factors to consider:

● The shapewear you buy must fit perfectly. [Note that the size of shapewear will be different from the size chart of your regular outfits.]

● The compression levels (ranging from light to firm) are crucial in determining an ideal shapewear. While pieces with light compression levels are best (and comfortable) for daily use, you can use shapewear with medium or firm compression levels for your prom night.

3. Define Your Waist

Do you want a deceiving trick that will amazingly change your overall appearance? If yes, it is to define your waist clearly, and here’s how to do it:

Your choice of silhouettes is one way to do it with no extra effort. For instance, fit-and-flare silhouette, a waist-accentuating choice with a fitted bodice and flared skirt, helps to draw attention to the waist.

Another tip is to go for pieces that create a more defined waist with their design elements, some of which include a ruched waistline, clinching, or belted designs.

Watch how Ashley Graham (a fashion icon for curvy girls) honed a mesmerizing look in a short pink dress with ruching that flatters her curves perfectly! With this outfit inspiration, prove how your contours can come out flawlessly in plus-size short prom dresses!

Define Your Waist

Credits: Cynthia Erivo and Ashley Graham. German Larkin

In addition, some plus-size prom gowns feature a patterned fabric in the waistline, which is strategically placed to provide a definition.  

Here are some of the inspirations with design elements that help define your waist:

Define Your Waist

4. Dress According to Your Body Shape

If you want to celebrate your prom and yourself together, the key is to dress according to your body type.

If you don’t know your body shape, here is how to identify it. Take measurements for the following body regions: ● Bust (wear your bra and let your arms relax at the sides) ● Waist (measure the narrowest part of your waist) ● Hips (stand with your heels together and measure the broadest part of your hips) It is advised to get help from an expert (like a seamstress) for correct measurements. With your body measurements, determine which body shape best describes you.
 Dress According to Your Body Shape

Here are some common body shapes:

Pear-shaped (Triangle) Women: If you have a pear-shaped body, your concerns are wide hips, a smaller waist, and narrow shoulders.

Your goal should be to draw attention from your hips to the upper body (try push-up bras and pieces with virtually interesting details on top). Focus on adding volume to your torso and try inspirations that define your waist.

Inverted-triangle Shape: This body shape has a broader bust and hips (bust wider than your hips) and a smaller waist.

The key to this body figure is to balance the proportions to draw attention below the belt (away from your shoulders). Try flared skirts or bottoms with eye-catching patterns.  

Hourglass-shaped Women: Women in this category have an evenly proportioned silhouette, with a narrower waist than the hips and bust.

If you are an hourglass-shaped beauty, the trick is to focus on your waist. Wear silhouettes like A-line and bodycon dresses to highlight your noticeable curves.

Rectangle-shaped Women: The rectangle body shape has equal proportions of shoulders, waist, and hips, so the target must be to add definition to your body.

Add volume to hips and shoulders ( try strategic cuts, well-structured clothes, and voluminous, puffy sleeves).  

5. The Right Bra

Finding the perfect bra is crucial among different wardrobe challenges plus-sized women face.

And you definitely don’t want bra fails (back rolls, an ill-fitted bra, unflattering visible straps, or painful shoulders because of body-digging bra straps) to happen at your prom night. The bright side is that the right bra can help you overcome these challenges.

Here’s how to find a bra that is your ultimate savior:

First and foremost, wear a bra that fits you ideally. When buying a bra, choose the correct measurements for your band size, bust, and cup size.

The next step is to find the right type of bra according to your dress.

● The best options for backless dresses or pieces with low cuts on the back are backless bras, adhesive bras (or adhesive breast petals), or bras with transparent straps.

A low-back bra extender (which adds a few extra inches to your bra) is another option to consider if you want added support for your breasts.

Right Bra

Do you fancy a feeling of extravagance? Ditch the ordinary bras and pick an elegant selection with fancy bra straps like pearl back straps.  

Right Bra

● Note here that sticky bra alternatives offer less support and may not be the ideal size.

Worry not, because breast shapers (with two individual cups) can also work great. By placing them correctly, you can get the desired support.

Strapless bras that work great with lift and support can be another option. However, it is necessary to invest only in high-quality products. This is because the cheaper option might compromise comfort and support.

Right Bra

● One common question in plus-size dressing is whether to wear a bra under a corset-fitted bodice. If the dress provides the desired levels of support, you can go braless without any worries.


Prom is your night to shine, to make memories that’ll last a lifetime. And with our styling tips, prom fashion is no longer a big deal!  

With our expert tips, embrace your curves, flaunt your style, and get ready to shine brighter than ever before. Go ahead, rock in your plus-size prom dress, and make this night one for the books.

Have any more doubts? Comment your questions below and get all your answers from experts!

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